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The Softvis Collection

A collection of beautiful and useful software visualizations

With this website we want to make software visualization more accessible. The collection contains a growing number of visualizations showcasing different kinds of visualization techniques and different areas of application. We hope that the visualizations are useful and easily reproducible in many environments. — Erik Dörnenburg & Jonathan McCracken


Why do we care about software visualisations? What can pretty pictures tell us that code and logfiles can't? The answer to these questions lies in scale. Software systems and their development projects have become so large that it has become near impossible to understand them at a high level without additional artefacts.

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The Code Ownership Distribution Map provides a unique view into the ownership of code on a project. Does the team practice collective code ownership? Do individual authors work in silos? Where do others contribute? The source code management system contains the answers but it takes a map like this to surface the information.

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Site news

A Thousand Words

14 Aug 2013

Farooq Ali’s “A Thousand Words” is a great introduction to software visualization. Thanks to Farooq and the Pragmatic Programmers the essay is now available on the Softvis Collection site.

First visualization published

16 Jan 2013

Progress! We have published the first visualization: Code Ownership Distribution Map. And the site got a bit of a refresh, too.

Hello World!

07 Nov 2012

After working in private for a while we have now decided to publish the material we have. Some source code is already available and we intend to publish several visualisations over the next few weeks.

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